casino roulette tricks for Canadian players

Online roulette is a gambling entertainment that attracts many players. They all try to win, but often the bets go to the casino. It is quite natural that gamblers do not want to put up with such injustice, so they are looking for ways to win. There are casino roulette tricks that help to stay profitable and minimize losses. Anyone can use them and start winning large sums

What are the working casino roulette tricks

Many people are familiar with online roulette, tips in this game can be profitable. However, it is important to learn more about this entertainment, and then start the gameplay. All gamblers know that there are several types of online roulette. Outwardly, they are similar, but this is only at first glance. For example, French online roulette is the most generous game. The advantage of the casino here is only 1.35%. If the player wants to diversify leisure time, it is better to choose European roulette. The working live casino roulette tricks are:

casino roulette tricks online
  1. Rip 52 and go, one of the best casino roulette tricks. The winning algorithm on such an online roulette is very simple – the player should wait for the third dozen, and then bet on the 1st and 2nd for $ 25;
  2. Sequence. The roulette secret for this strategy is based on the sequence of bets. First, the player needs to go through 4 wheel rotations and follow the results. If 4 red numbers fall out, the player can bet on the same color, waiting for a repetition (there is a good chance of this);
  3. Classic new Martingale. As it’s known, the Martingale mathematical strategy is especially popular in gambling circles, especially where it is difficult to calculate the potential outcome of the game.

Recently, a new type of roulette has appeared in some online establishments. It is called “No Zero”, players and dealers consider it the most honest, since the advantage of a gambling establishment is 0%. Of course, the casino does not remain in the red, but there are much more chances to win against a gambler.

Casino roulette tricks in live mode

casino roulette tricks

If online roulette beckons, tricks will help to win more. If to choose the European version of entertainment, then can be used the restrike. It is understood as an additional field for bets. Only European online roulette has it, it looks like a racetrack. It has the ability to create whole groups of numbers located close to each other. There are two tricks the player can use here. The first is to overlap 86% of all the numbers on the additional field with five chips. Even with a large number of bets, players will not interfere with each other, and the chances of winning will increase significantly.

How to won big with casino roulette tricks

Online roulette tips help to win more often. However, professional gamblers also recommend paying attention to strategies. The following are considered the best and most relevant casino roulette tips and tricks for game online in Canada:

  • Martingale is the most popular system, it is even called “win-win” in casino roulette tricks. Its essence is to start the game with a small bet, with each loss it should be increased 2 times;
  • Donald – the system assumes to stop at a fixed rate, if win, the player needs to reduce it by a widow, if lose, increase it by 2 times;
  • Makarova – the technique is considered aggressive, but the most advantageous.

In order to choose one strategy, it is better to try them all at the minimum rates. Then it will be easier to choose the most effective one. However, it is important to remember that such tricks do not give a 100% guarantee of winnings, but only increase the likelihood of getting a prize.