Learn to play blackjack

Professionally playing blackjack is a top performance for a casino visitor. This game, like no other, requires you to theoretical knowledge, practical skills, maximum concentration, psychological stability and the ability to resist excitement.

Thanks to some films, television broadcasts and publications in the media, a certain blackjack player stereotype has developed in society. It is believed that this is the genius of mathematics with iron will and exceptional abilities.

In fact, everyone can learn how to play blackjack at a high level if his intellect is not too low.

Here comes the desire to achieve results, hard work and perseverance.

The authors of the portal Casinoz wrote this article to show you the right direction in the study of blackjack. And special thematic publications that are offered in specialized sections of the site will help you master the various aspects of the game. But first you need to understand where to start.
General rules and terms

The first thing a newcomer who has decided to learn how to play blackjack has to do is deal with the basics of the rules and all the terms. In doing so, we recommend that you immediately memorize terms in Russian and English, as well as learn the basic abbreviations used in the game. This will help you later when you choose the blackjack variations in the casino.

You must clearly understand what each word means in the rules of the game:

surrender double Charlie’s rule insurance, equal money and so on.

These and other terms should not give you a puzzled shrug.
Blackjack selection

Do not rush to take on the unusual types of blackjack. Start with the classic versions. Let it be a traditional European or one of American blackjacks (by the way, you should know the main differences between them).

Basic and optimal strategy

Blackjack belongs to the category of gambling, in which the result is largely dependent on user actions. To maximize the likelihood of winning, it is necessary to make decisions in accordance with the optimal strategy.

Usually it is a table, in the cells of which abbreviations are written, indicating what should be done on various player cards and the dealer’s open card. The strategy is chosen taking into account all points of the blackjack rules.

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